Racine County Kwik Trip

Each month we try to bring you stories that often fly under the radar with so much going on in the car wash industry. The following bits of news aren’t necessarily major enough to merit their own post, but they do show the interesting ways in which car washes are facing their local zoning rules and feedback from leaders and residents. Here are three stories in brief from April.

Developers of a new car wash in Chattanooga, Tennessee are facing some problems when it comes to the set back of their building on the land site. City officials are saying that the car wash is set too far back on the .66 acre site. Typically businesses are trying to cram in so much square footage on a lot that the opposite is true. The local paper reports that the city is recommending the project be denied in its current form while developers head back to the drawing board.

And a proposed car wash in a town in the UK are worried their proposed plans won’t be approved after city leaders, residents and nearby business owners worried that a new car wash would create traffic problems in an area that is already too industrialized. The local paper reports that while the business owner has said he would employee just three people for a small operation, others pointed out that there are already five car washes in the town.

Plus a proposed car wash and gas station has been approved in Racine County, Wisconsin. City officials who approved that design also had traffic concerns. The solution: have Kwik Trip gas station and car wash pay to realign the intersection in question. Problem solved.