A car wash owner in Exeter, Pa., says it's been a bad year for Mr. Kleen Kar Wash. (Photo: Screenshot/Google Maps)

A car wash owner in Exeter, Pa., says it’s been a bad year for Mr. Kleen Kar Wash. (Photo: Screenshot/Google Maps)

Even as other car wash businesses say it’s been a decent year for sales, one car wash owner in Exeter, Pa., says the weather has been hurting his bottom line. Typically, the road salt shepherded by blizzard conditions makes winter the best time of year to make money. It seems that in Exeter, outside Scranton, Pa., the weather has been too prohibitive for consumers, The Scranton Times-Tribune reported.

“I’m in the business 45 years and this is the worst winter I’ve ever had so far,” Peter Franco, the owner of Mr. Kleen Kar Wash, told The Times-Tribune. “The worst, by far.” He also called business “miserable.”

This weekend, though, he says the car wash saw a little relief thanks to a brief thawing when temperatures climbed to 45 degrees. He says about 500 customers lined up on Saturday, but he added that it ought to have been even more than that. (Although it did crush his normal summer Saturday number of fewer than 300 customers.) Franco said he made the same amount of money the first week of February as he did the entire month of January.

It’s easy to imagine that the same things that are helping to make cars dirty — ice and snow — are the same things keeping drivers off the road, especially in the north in the hills of Pennsylvania. Nonetheless, the Car Wash Business Blog has posted about some car wash businesses doing very well this winter. The Polar Vortex did a great service to one car wash owner, of Waterway Gas and Wash Co. near St. Louis, who said, “I feel like a florist on Valentine’s Day.” And there was also a recent story about the snow helping to apprehend a car wash burglar.

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