(Photo: Flickr)

(Photo: Flickr)

As everyone digs out from the latest winter storm pummeling, car wash business in New Jersey is booming while auto body shops aren’t necessarily seeing any increases, NJ.com reports. Why is that? According to the repair shop owners they talked to, it has to do with miles.

Snow means people drive less. And less driving means that, although bad roadways will bring some crashes, they won’t necessarily drive business beyond the norm for Boggs and others in the auto repair industry.

Sure potholes and bumpy roads can cause flat tires and rattle wiring lose, the website reports, but the rates of damage aren’t enough to notice a bump, especially if more people are staying under their blankets and off the roads.

For car wash businesses on the other hand — it only takes a few hundred yards to get a layer of salty, sandy crud on a vehicle’s undercarriage. And that, as the car wash industry says, is the biggest cause of rust. Though some disagree, people generally line up to get their cars washed each time the weather breaks, hoping to keep as much water off their metal parts as possible. Road salt helps the water stick, and the water, in turn, causes rust.

“After the last storm, [business] was probably four times the average,” Bruce Peterson, owner of Keep It Shining Car Wash in Cumberland County, told NJ.com. “A little over a week ago, every car wash around was putting as many through as it could. We all had long lines.”

Meanwhile, car was employees in Nebraska are “braving the weather to get the job done,” as KOTA-TV news reported. At Paradise Car Wash in Scottsbluff, owner Tori Brozek said, “You know the main thing you have to remember with the snow like it is, they put down chemicals to get the snow to melt. So once those chemicals hit your car they need to come off as soon as possible.”