Two brothers in India have brought waterless car wash technology to their country as reports of population growth and the associated water shortage have residents fearing major changes by the year 2020. First Post reports that the brothers launched their initiative in May. So far they’ve already been able to save water throughout a pilot program.

“Over the last three months, we have been running a pilot of Green Salute service in limited areas of Pune with 1,100 sessions of car wash and over 60 regular customers. We were able to save 16,000 litres of water,” said cofounder Akshay Dhok.

A few companies in India have started to clean cars with waterless products, but the brothers say their business, known as Green Salute, is also a mobile business. Green Salute uses a liquid spray that removes dirt and keeps them off the surface of the vehicle so they can be wiped away. Customers can schedule cleanings and then check their app to see when their vehicle is finished.

So far, the company has been doing well and already has plans to expand into two other cities by the year 2017. Green Salute has also promised to plant a tree for each vehicle and driver that enrolls in its monthly wash program. The brothers say they hope they can make residents of India aware of the problems of water shortages and encourage them to take action now.