icalogo_webWhen droughts force municipalities to implement water restrictions, car washes can be one of the first businesses that are negatively affected. The truth is, most businesses use water in some way, but car washes become a sort of target because water is often one of the key ingredients in a day’s work. To combat the unfair focus on such small businesses during droughts, the International Carwash Association launched a water conservation project back in 2009.

Water Savers is an ICA program that helps educate municipalities about the amount of water used by environmentally friendly car wages. It seeks to eliminate misconceptions about water usage and is often successful in having local governments protect car washes during droughts once they’ve learned that most car washes use less than an at home wash.   The program aims to keep car washes open as long as possible so they can continue to bring in revenue and avoid firing employees.

Water Savers suggests a four-tiered drought response which slowly implements restrictions on commercial car washes as water conditions worsen. To read more, check it out here. The reason we’re telling you about this now is because drought conditions in the southeast United States have worsened to the point where the ICA has launched a targeted Water Savers campaign to help. 

Their six-part plan for car washes in the area includes tips on how to emphasize their car wash’s positive water-saving attributes and using Water Savers signage to inform customers, among other tips. If you are operating a businesses in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina or Virginia, check out their site for more tips on how to survive this tough time.