Truck going through the ACUA green car wash. | The Press of Atlantic City

About five years ago, a change in the laws for a New Jersey county forced officials to come up with a better way to wash their vehicles. The rule said that country vehicles could not be washed at facilities that did not manage its runoff water. The result is a car wash that The Press of Atlantic City recently highlighted as perhaps one of the greenest car washes in the country.


The $2-million facility can wash 30 trucks in just one hour. Built by the Atlantic County Utilities Authority Green Initiative, the car wash uses solar panels to heat the water used for the cleaning process. As required by state law, the runoff water is cleaned and reused at the wash. The building is heated by burning used motor oil and no lights are required in the building which is dotted with skylights.

“We don’t even need electric lights on cloudy days,” said ACUA engineer Matt Denafo, of Winslow Township, who designed the building.

While it was built to meet a state mandate aimed at county officials, the car wash is also open to the public. If you’re looking to take a heavy duty vehicle through, you’re looking at a $35 wash for anything with three or more axles that’s over 25 feet. A standard car or light truck with two axles or less and shorter than 25 feet will cost just $10.