In today’s marketing roundup, we’ll look at a few different ideas in the world of business promotion. The big idea lately is video. It seems like just last week “content marketing” was the buzzword for 2014 marketing ideas, and we brought you some ways to think about doing that for a car wash business. But with the wild viral success that’s possible on video platforms (OK, on YouTube), it seems more people are taking a look at how they can market their service with moving pictures.

  • From the brain of Nielsen CEO Mitch Barns: “First, distribution channels will continue to merge. Devices define our media diet — be it TV, computers, mobile, or/and whatever comes next. Today, while much of the video consumed is still on traditional television, those figures migrate daily. These shifts mean that ‘TV’ as shorthand for video content doesn’t work anymore. Ultimately, the marketplace will be device-neutral, and will follow ‘video.'”

And that’s the TV guy talking. Remember this small business owner from last week? He stood in front of a camera and opened a bottle of wine with a shoe. The internet world welcomed him as a hero. It was marketing you can’t buy. (He did buy it, though, by hiring a marketing consultant.) For your car wash business, all of this only suggests that there’s an audience consuming massive quantities of video. And if your plan is to engage, then this is one more medium through which you can. Contact your nearest marketing professional to brainstorm ideas.

  • In social media news, this web consultant says to beware anybody calling himself a “guru”: “The reality is that social media isn’t successful in a vacuum. It isn’t something that you can set a strategy for and hope that everything just magically fits in. You need a strategy that ties everything together.”
  • And finally, there’s this grounding reminder that none of this marketing is worth its tweet if your car wash isn’t worth recommending in actual real life using mouth-word communication. “The best way to get new customers is through referrals.”

Good luck!