A car wash website is an essential car wash marketing strategy because it provides all customers with everything they need to know about your location, business plan, and services. While many websites can be established quickly with basic software, it’s important to make sure your car wash website is designed to encourage sales.

To check your current site consider the layout of each page you offer, from the homepage to the contact page, the content of your website both information about your business and your services, and how you showcase promotions to entice customers.


The layout of any car wash website is important because how customers interact with your content can make or break sales. A website should be user friendly, this means new customers can find important information quickly and the site overall is easy to navigate. Many sites use top bars or side bars to organize information and may title their pages Services, Car Washes, and Wash Club to make things easier to find quickly. It’s also important to make sure your layout is consistent no matter which device it is viewed on. Customers may look up your business on a smartphone, tablet, or computer, so check your website’s functionality and layout on each platform.


One of the most important features of your car wash website that will encourage sales is your content. Customers will come to your website looking for important information like your locations, hours of operation, and services you provide. Make sure this content is easy to find and on more than one page. Many business websites like to put this information in the bottom bar of the website as well as on the contact us page.

The services you provide should have their own page so customers can see the range you offer and potential price points. The details will help customers understand what your services are and why they should purchase them from you. Having a page like this will encourage sales because customers will see what you offer and how they can schedule the service so when they arrive at your business they are prepared and ready to complete the transaction.


Promotions are a large component of a car wash website and how the site itself can encourage sales. This website is all about your business so why not use it to advertise your current promotions? Having a promotions page will show customers what deals or sales you’re currently running and by having a website exclusive promotion it can increase traffic to both your site and your business. Make sure you clearly explain the current promotion, what it entails, how long it’s running, and how to take advantage of the deal.

Many car wash websites also include loyalty program information on their website. If you have an unlimited monthly wash program or customer loyalty program be sure to dedicate a page of your website to this information and include how customers can sign up. By outlining the details on your website you sell the customer and give them a place to send friends and family which increases your customer base.

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