A tried and true car wash marketing tool is the coupon book. These books provide new and loyal customers the opportunity to experience your products and services at a discounted rate as well as share the wealth with friends and family. Coupon books make great gifts or stocking stuffers and it’s not too late in the season to order a batch for your car wash. Place your order today!

Holiday edition coupon books

Adding a holiday edition coupon book to your car wash marketing plans may be a good option for selling new and current customers on your services. A holiday released coupon book could be bigger, contain more coupons, or offer a larger discount which makes it a great gift or opportunity for current customers to expand their services beyond their usual wash. Customers may choose to try your wash after receiving a coupon book or see this as an opportunity to experience your service while purchasing a gift for a friend or family member. This idea is great for car wash marketing because it creates a limited edition vibe and as a limited release you may see higher traffic to take advantage of the discounts.

Winter release coupon books

Alternatively, you could create a winter release coupon book for car wash marketing towards seasonal traffic. This winter book would cover the colder months and can highlight services and products that reduce road salt effects and help keep the interior and exterior clean through the slush and snow. A winter release is also a good car wash marketing option because you don’t have to hurry to take advantage of the holiday which means you can still order your coupon books into December and have plenty for a winter release. This coupon book batch doesn’t have to offer a greater discount but may include more coupons that tailor to winter washes, services, and products, helping customers see the benefit of their purchase.

Promotion for the new year

Lastly, a car wash marketing plan to use coupon books can be to promote a special deal for the new year. This can be advertised in advance and offer a coupon book with discounted washes, or a new service you may be adding in the new year. Another option is to use the book to showcase all your services and offer one coupon per option, setting the customer up for an opportunity to experience your entire line through the next year. Customers may like this idea to “pre-purchase” or receive a deal on their future washes and the new year is a great time to remind customers of fresh starts or becoming loyalty members in your car wash club.

No matter your car wash marketing campaign it’s not too late to place an order for coupon books for your car wash. Each book is an opportunity to market your business and your brand as well as showcase your services, products, and tiered washes. The discount will bring in new customers and will help current customers make more purchases while getting a deal.