WATA-LESSCalifornia isn’t the only place where car wash owners are dealing with water problems. In Jamaica, the National Weather Commission is beginning to enforce a ban against washing cars and using water for other non-essential purposes. The ban has been in effect for about a week, but the NWC’s warning has some car wash owners looking for ways to buy their own water and stay in business, according to The Jamaica Gleaner.

The ban prohibits watering of lawns and other activities. Several car washes thwarted the warning this week, saying they already use purchased water and not drinking water. The NWC was at first hoping for voluntary compliance with the ban. “The objective is not to full the prisons or the courts or the jails. The objective is to get people to not waste the limited supplies we have,” Public Relations Manager Charles Buchanan said.

As we’ve previously reported, the Jamaica drought has led some¬†entrepreneurs to create a new industry of waterless car wash products.

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