Screen shot 2014-01-16 at 7.35.07 PMEmployees of a Jamaican car wash have banded together to sue their employer over poor wages and unfair compensation practices, according to Queens Chronicle. The federal lawsuit represents nine employees of AJA Carwash who are paid as little as $6 to $7 an hour. The suit also alleges that the employees often work 60 to 70 hours a week and are not paid for their overtime.

The employees say they do not receive pay stubs and that their tips are not divided evenly. If there is bad weather on a day when they come to work and are later sent home, they are not paid for their time.

The lawsuit comes at a time when a local union is trying to organize car wash workers within the city. In the meantime, the city’s mayor has signed the Car Wash Accountability Act which forces car washes to post surety bonds to be used for worker claims.