Jeeps have been implicated in hundreds of sudden acceleration incidents. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Stories about runaway Jeep Grand Cherokees have for years worried car wash owners who have heard about damage the massive SUVs can cause when they suddenly accelerate.

At one point, the International Car Wash Association even advised members to handle the vehicles with extreme caution. But for the most part, Jeep and the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration have said the rumors are just that.

But another report of a runaway Jeep surfaced this week near Philidelphia, Pennsylvania. The owner of one of the vehicles told Philly.com that she brought her vehicle to the Spa Car Wash in Berwyn and watched in horror as the man who took it through the car wash suddenly lurched into traffic, narrowly avoiding four cars and pedestrians.

The owners of that car wash have since installed a 14,000-pound concrete barrier at the car wash exit to prevent similar accidents in the future. Chrysler has blamed aftermarket floor mats and drivers who mistake the gas pedal for the brake pedal. But the ICA has blamed the car company, and so do many Jeep drivers.