That's the applicant. That's the rectangular cash bag in front. (Image: Screengrab/

That’s the applicant. That’s the rectangular cash bag in front. (Image: Screengrab/

Two young men stopped by Classy Chassis car wash in Lakewood, Washington, last Friday to pick up job applications. Then, just a few minutes later, one of them walked back into the store and asked for another application.

The employee said, “Sure,” and turned around to get one. But by the time she came back, the would-be job seeker was already gone. Several minutes later, the employees realized the cash bag was, too, along with the $500 they were going to run to the bank.

“Disappointing” is how Corey Campbell put the experience of being robbed, in a report from He thinks the two were legitimately looking for work the first time they came in, but when they noticed the cash they decided otherwise. “Just the fact that somebody would take an opportunity like that and put a plan together that quickly,” he said, “It’s very disappointing.”

Needless to say, they weren’t hired and may actually go down in history as the worst job applicants of all time — stealing from the shop before they even got the job! And it’s a shame, too. They made off with one paycheck when they might’ve worked and earned many more.