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A women’s group in Kenya wants to give ex-convicts a second chance at life with employment at their new car wash. Violet Mburu, chairwoman of  the Ushirikiano Women’s group spoke during a meeting this week at Ondiri Pentecostal Church, explaining her plan. The group says they’ve already made contact with a dozen former prisoners who are now living on the streets after their release.

“These individuals have changed, but the community doesn’t give them chances to prove they are different people,” Mburu said. “Most of them may drift back to their previous lives of crime due to neglect by community members and their families.”

The new car wash would provide jobs to the 12 people already identified, according to Mburu said it’s a necessary step given how difficult it is for former convicts to find employment when they have a criminal background. Mburu said getting them jobs will help prevent them from returning to a life of crime.

“Most of them are neglected even by their own families hence they become both jobless and homeless.” — Violet Mburu, chairwoman of Ushirikiano Women’s group.

“We have been talking to these ex-prisoners and because we see the determination they have for business, we are going to open for them a car wash business here in Ondiri,” she said.