Living in the barren wasteland that is California? Wondering how to keep your car clean without drawing the ire of water-Nazi neighbors? Los Angeles Magazine has your solution in an eight-point bulletin.

OK, these lists aren’t new… But add it to the list. Here are the first four:

1) Park inside whenever possible. This will keep your car cleaner, and cooler, between washings.

2) Get a duster. If you’re living with street parking, pick up one of these puppies you’ve seen limo drivers use. It may not knock out bird poop, but it gets rid of light debris in a cinch.

3) Go the extra mile and buy a car cover. These are especially helpful if you leave your car outside for days at a time and only drive sporadically.

4) Pick up a waterless car wash that will clean your car without a hose. Eco Touch products also include a 2-in-1 wash/wax concentrate.

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