squeegySqueegy is the latest mobile app we’ve heard of for drivers looking to schedule a service remotely. The app can be downloaded from the iTunes store and customers can then arrange for a worker to come to their home or business to clean their car while they go about their day. So far, the company is operating only in the greater Los Angeles area including about 24 suburbs.

A KTLA reporter reviewed the company by sending for a car wash himself. While it took a little longer than anticipated for a worker to arrive, given the rush hour traffic in LA, he was overall satisfied with the service. Once the worker arrive, he spent about an hour washing the car at hand using a special spray-on wax.

The results were stunning. We couldn’t believe a car could get so clean and shiny without water! The shine also lasted longer than my wife’s typical ‘tunnel’ wash, since they don’t normally apply any wax.

Squeegy offers two services, according to its website. There’s the $25 Express wash and the $35 Classic wash. Both include the exterior wash and wax, cleaning of the exterior windows, a light wheel wipe down and a cleaning and dressing of the tires. The main difference is, the Classic also includes an interior service with special attention paid to the inside of the windows, the dash and the floor and seats. That service takes between 45 and 74 minutes compared to the Express, which should only take about 25 to 45 minutes.

Squeegy uses an eco-friendly formula that swaps spray-on wax for water. If you opt for the interior clean, Squeegy lets you leave the vehicle unlocked for their arrival and they promise to lock up when they leave.