A car wash business in Massillon, Ohio, is paying $3 million to build a state-of-the-art car wash with a little extra flair: an LED light show during the wash.

Is it worth the cost? General Manager John Dunn of Progressive Auto Group thinks so. “It’ll have an LED light show going on inside the machines while the wash is running. It might even stop some traffic on Wales (Road),” he told the Canton Repository newspaper.

Car wash businesses are pulling out all the stops these days to try to entice customers to their facilities. There’s the longest car wash, the Elvis car wash, the car wash with the seasonal greenhouse. In a competitive industry, it’s an ambitious, potentially profitable and oftentimes rewarding idea to do something a little extra. So, hey, why not a light show?

But the other main innovation for Dunn and his crew is the water savings. They say the average car wash uses 16,000 gallons a day (which is a pretty good business — about 300 cars). But theirs will use 8,000 gallons. Over time that should add up to a pretty decent savings in water expenses. Star Wash, as they’re calling it, will sell washes for $5, $15 or $18 and unlimited wash plans for $20-28 a month.