Wikimedia CommonsOnline deal-of-the-day discount sites like LivingSocial and Groupon offer car wash businesses low cost access to millions of potential customers and act as virtual “CMOs.” It’s no surprise that a search on either site yields many car wash offers on any given week.

LivingSocial has adapted their site for use by car wash merchants to allow flexible options such as multi-use vouchers that would give a customer three visits in a six-month period, Clint Perez, senior director of marketing at LivingSocial recently told This type of deal increases the likelihood that the voucher customer will convert to a regular customer at your car wash as compared with the likelihood with one-time voucher purchasers.

Here are Perez’s other recommendations on how car wash businesses can best use LivingSocial:

Be PreparedWhen running a deal you can expect to see an increase in traffic coming through your carwash. This may require hiring additional staff to service the customers or to answer the phones.

Training – Make sure that any employees that will engage with voucher-bearing customers are able to answer any questions related to your deal. You can probably expect questions about the specific services that are covered in the deal, as well as clarification of fine print.

Customer ServiceTreat voucher-bearing customers like full-paying customers. A good impression helps drive repeat business.

PromoteBe sure to inform customers about repeat service programs or discounts for additional service in the future.