Daytona Beach- A June 2nd police search of a local car wash uncovered some unusual findings. Instead of cleaning supplies, air fresheners or even a cash register. Police uncovered drugs, guns, and even a poker table. Not exactly what you would expect to find at your local carwash, but obviously this was not your typical carwash. 

drugs-908533_1920After the search, the local business was closed down and the owner, Kevin “Pooh Bear” Stokes, was arrested and charged with possession of a structure for trafficking and or sale of controlled substances.

During a June 8th public police meeting, Capt. Byron Williams of the Daytona Beach P.D. said, “We’ve been trying to arrest him on numerous narcotics arrests, we think we now have a strong case where we think he’ll be prosecuted.” Williams also referred to Stokes business as a “plague” on the local community.

“It has attracted a lot of drug dealers and violent offenders,” said Williams.

It all started back in March when police chased several suspects into the building and saw contraband items in plain sight. Two search warrants were signed and carried out on the location. The first on March 8th and the second on June 2nd.

During the first search, Police found “cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy, heroin, pills, digital scales, a handgun and ammunition” according to the report. However, Stokes was nowhere to be found in the first raid.

During the second raid, police found more of the same and Stokes was present. Along with arresting Stokes, another 27 men were arrested on drug charges. Of them, 26 had a total of 225 previous charges.

Stokes was cooperative with police. He told detectives that he runs a business where people sell drugs, and he is aware of it. He also admitted to using drugs at his place of business. Stokes is being held without bail at the Volusia County Branch Jail.

According to Williams, during an interview, Stokes told police, “I’m not mad at y’all. You’re just doing your jobs; I’m mad at everyone who put me in this position.”

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