brothersWe told you recently about a California teen whose car wash business was both mobile and waterless. It was an impressive start-up given not only his age, but the juggling act of balancing school work as well. But also because the business was a sign of the times: capitalizing on the eco-mindedness of Californians living with droughts and tapping into the ease and pervasiveness of mobile apps which make for an on-demand services.

Now here’s a story of a pair of brothers in London with a similar business and that same spirit of environmentally friendly alternatives to old business models. The Guardian reports that the siblings, ages 18 and 22, plan to launch a smartphone app for their business next month. Eco Smart touts itself as being the UK’s first on-demand wash app.

“We have already been in the car wash trade and we are already doing a lot of home visits for clients,” the brother Akram Allam said. “Aftaab just came up with the idea, we live in a world where there is an app for everything so why not create a car wash app.”

While the article doesn’t reveal the exact methods behind the washing itself, it does say it creates virtually no waste. That means the brothers can easily do the job on location anywhere without worrying about soapy runoff or tons of room for equipment.

“A lot of people love their cars but do not have the time to clean it or take it for a wash, so we can bring the car wash to them,” Akram Allam said.

For Londoners, the app will be available Nov. 1. We suggest checking it out even if you live in the states. Could be useful to see how other businesses design their mobile services.