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Talk about loyalty. A car wash in Bluffton, South Carolina told their local paper that a customer went for months without a car wash while waiting for renovations to wrap up at his favorite business. The Island Packet reports that renovations to Island Car Wash were supposed to last about a month from the beginning of August to the beginning of September. But the hurricane got in the way, which meant that supplies didn’t arrive in time and the car wash didn’t reopen until early November.

“Today we were talking to somebody who had gone a couple months without washing their car and they were so happy that we were open again,” general manager Brian Rajkovich said. “They didn’t want to go anywhere else, so …”

We’re impressed. The renovation involved removing a portion of the business that used to focus on detailing and oil changes. In its place, there are more vacuums and window cleaning. The general manager said the shift also made more room for expansion of the express wash portion. Before the upgrades, there was no vacuuming services and now customers can vacuum their own cars for free. There are also free towels and spray bottles available for window cleaning.

The vacuuming and window cleaning is apparently a service that no other car wash business sin the area currently offers, the general manager said. So we’re betting the customer who spent two months waiting for his favorite business to reopen was pleased with the changes. Do you think your customers would wait if you announced a delay in renovations?

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