NAPLES, FLORIDA- A brand new and improved carwash is under construction in Naples, Florida. It is out with the old and in with the new. Luv-A-Wash at the corner of Jaeger and Pine Ridge roads in North Naples is tearing down its old facility in preparation to build a new state of the art carwash.

The Luv-A-Wash car wash at Jaeger and Pine Ridge roads

 (Photo: Gordon Love/Luv-A-Wash)

Demolition on the old carwash began on May 15 and was completed on June 2. In an interview, Gordon Love, the owner of Luv-A-Wash, said, “We are redeveloping a car wash there. It will be an express car wash with free vacuums. The equipment we are going to be using is different than anyone has seen yet.”


The new system will be completely automated, and there will be no self-service bays as before. The building will be smaller than the original facility and house a 120-foot conveyor carwash. Outside, there will be 16 parking spaces complete with vacuums.

A rendering of the new Luv-A-Wash car wash planned

(Photo: Gordon Love/Luv-A-Wash)

“We are planning to be open for Nov. 1 with a grand opening celebration after Thanksgiving,” Love said.

The Love family purchased the car wash back in 2008. The former owner built the original facility in the late 80’s on the one-acre lot. Love realized that the carwash needed a significant upgrade and that much of the equipment was rapidly approaching its last wash cycle. Rather than simply replacing the old equipment, Love decided to start over from the ground up with a completely new facility.

However, starting fresh took a lot of research and development into the latest carwash equipment.

“Since February 2016 we have done over 22,000 miles in road trips visiting every major equipment manufacturer in every category. We have been as far west as Denver, as far east as Boston, and as far north as Cambridge, Ontario, to ensure that we will be offering Naples an outstanding and unique car wash experience,” Love said. “The Belanger SpinLite wash equipment we are using is different than anything available locally, and we are proud to be the first to bring it to Southwest Florida.”

Luv-A-Wash ultimately decided on the SpinLite tunnel wash system from  Belanger Inc. The system can wash up to 4 cars at once and uses slower spinning speeds that are gentler on cars and do a more thorough job cleaning.

Belanger's SpinLite tunnel car wash system is coming

(Photo: Belanger Inc.)


“It produces a cleaner, shinier car. It’s also safer,” Love said. “We will have washes from $6 to $20. We will be offering monthly unlimited wash plans and many other exciting promotions.”

You can check out the full story at Naples Daily News.