Quick Quack Car Wash

A soft cloth car wash from Quick Quack. (Courtesy)

A few weeks ago, we told you about a car wash in Southwest Florida that was struggling for approval in the midst of a legal battle. According to The Banner. Bonita City Council rejected the request of a group called Cardome’s back in July when they asked to build a 6,200 square foot car wash. Cardome’s lawyers responded by saying that the local government was putting unfair burdens on the business owners.

Council argued earlier this year that the car wash at its planned location wouldn’t look visually appealing. The result has been the ongoing legal dispute which could end with a special magistrate’s ruling if the two parties can’t come to an agreement.

A magistrate has since ruled, according to the News-Press. The magistrate suggested that Bonita City Council reverse its prior decision to reject the car wash. The News-Press also reports that the car wash has in fact been rejected for approval twice.

The two parties do not have to take the magistrate’s suggestion and could decide to reject it. If they do so, Bonita City Council will likely have to bring the issue back up at a future council meeting this year. Regardless, the city has 45 days to decide whether they will take the recommendation before it is automatically rejected.