There’s no shortage of news — strange, sad, and inspiring — in the car wash industry. Here are the top five stories we’re following this week, and it’s only Wednesday:


From Dickinson, N.D., which is somewhere near Fargo, a 33-year-old man on drugs ignited himself and then ran through a gas station car wash, “which put out the fire,” according to the local news website, Inforum.

“But his escapades did not end there. [The man, David] Kissee then stole a car parked next to the entrance of the car wash, drove off and abandoned the vehicle blocks away. He then entered a residence on the 600 block of First Avenue West, where the homeowner, who was there at the time, reported hearing someone enter his home and detecting a ‘strong odor of gasoline,'” cops said. He was arrested and hospitalized with burns.

“His story is that several officers attacked him wearing full chemical suits, and they sprayed him with chemicals and put him in a shed,” one officer said. “So, he’s hallucinating.”

Brian Campbell being honored at The Car Wash Show (Photo: Screenshot/ICA)

Brian Campbell being honored at The Car Wash Show (Photo: Screenshot/ICA)


Here’s a more uplifting story from the International Carwash Association. Starting next year, the favorite booth at The Car Wash Show, as indicated by a vote, will receive the “Brian Campbell People’s Choice Booth Award.” It’s a nod to Brian Campbell, a man with Williams Syndrome who greatly outlived his life expectancy and loves everything about the car wash business.


The Des Moines Register profiled this car wash business that’s going to be adding music to its self-serve car wash. The owner said: “My tagline is: The feel-good wash for your car and especially for you. Superwash had done a lot of studies and what they found out is that when people wash their vehicles it, No. 1, makes them feel good and then, No. 2, is to get the salt and dirt off. So I added the music for a little pick-me-up.”


We covered this story Tuesday, but it’s definitely a top story of the week. Rising Tide Car Wash was featured on NBC’s “Nightly News” for its business model giving autistic men and women a way to succeed in business.


Any “Breaking Bad” fans? The car wash in the show, Octopus Car Wash, might be getting a new neighbor in Albuquerque: a sprawling retail development.