(Underwest Donuts/Facebook)

(Underwest Donuts/Facebook)

A Manhattan car wash business serving New Yorkers since 1947 is staking its claim on the gourmet pastry market by serving artisanal donuts to its customers.

This is the most delicious car wash business plan we’ve ever seen.

Westside Highway Car Wash will soon serve customers artisanal donuts with their Brooklyn Roasting Company cup of coffee or espresso, Grub Street reported. The custom donuts are the creation of Scott Levine, former Chanterelle sous chef, and son-in-law of one of the wash’s owners.

Westside renovated an unused hallway for the donut and coffee operation and included a six-stool counter in the design. The donuts will be automated through the use of a Belshaw Adamatic Donut Robot, a convenient choice for other businesses considering doing the same.

“It’s quintessential Americana; it’s fun and nostalgic, and you know, serving coffee and doughnuts in a car wash seemed to be such a great marriage,” Levine told Grub Street.