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Picture this: A new customer arrives at your car wash, and a digital sign lights up to welcome them. It offers a free car wash if they just scan a QR code on the screen and fill out the form. They enter their name, phone number, and email address, and they instantly receive a text message with a coupon barcode for a free wash. Over the next several weeks, they receive helpful emails with car care tips and special offers for more car washes. After cultivating loyalty through multiple positive experiences, it’s time to offer them your unlimited wash plan.

Wolford Communications helps car washes make this scenario a reality. We work with you to design marketing funnels based on your business goals and then implement them every step of the way.

There are multiple operations involved in launching an effective marketing funnel. These include strategy, visual design, copywriting, web development, printing, and a number of technical integrations to make sure your funnel is connected from top to bottom.

We have a team of marketing experts with decades of experience ready to handle every phase of the planning and execution of your car wash marketing funnel. Our goal is to make your customers more loyal and engaged.

Take advantage of your physical and digital real estate to reach new customers and convert them to members. 

You can reach new or sporadic visitors at your location with signage offering them an incentive to come back while easily collecting their information. We offer both static and agile digital signage optimized for our marketing funnel.

Online, you can incentivize prospective customers to visit your car wash through paid search and social media engagement, coupled with one-time barcodes delivered by text or email.

We believe in testing and multiple iterations to decide which marketing activities yield the best results. Marketing funnels are a great opportunity to split test different messaging and tactics because the coupons and landing pages are all trackable. Wolford Communications will help you design proper A/B tests and navigate your analytics.

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Design and Branding

Create a modern and memorable visual identity for your car wash. Put our design team to work for you.

Marketing Campaigns

Build effective sales funnels to capture and retain customers. Send coupons and messaging by text and email.

Print and Digital Products

Deliver powerful marketing messages and drive sales. We offer print materials, digital signage, and websites.

The car wash industry’s #1 family owned marketing firm

Wolford Communications is a family owned marketing firm located in Ohio and serving clients around the world. We have delivered fast, personalized service to over 800 car wash businesses in North America as a preferred vendor for DRB since 2010.

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