Mother’s day is coming up this weekend. What are you getting for your mom? Better yet, what are you going to do for the moms in your local area? How about a Free Mother’s Day Car Wash? Mom’s love driving around in a fresh and clean car. Why now make their mother’s day special and earn a life long customer in the process.

mother-daughter-love-sunset-51953Getting the word out

If you have built your e-mail marketing list, create a campaign and send it out to your loyal base. Let them know that you will have a Free Mother’s Day Car Wash this weekend. If free is not in the budget, make it a 50% off deal or whatever fits your needs. Call local TV and Radio outlets and let them know about your event. News outlets are always looking for positive “kickers” to add to the end of their newscasts. Get social and reach out to your Facebook and Twitter fans. A free car wash for mothers will not go unnoticed!

Free Mother’s Day Car Wash Gifts

Team up with other local business owners who want to promote their products and services. For example, team up with a local nail shop or hair salon. Ask them if they would like to sponsor a gift to moms visiting your car wash. Mom’s come in for a free carwash and walk out with a gift for a free or discounted pedicure.

Another idea would be to partner up with a local bakery or coffee shop in your vicinity. Mom’s come in for a car wash and are given a sweet treat or an excellent cup of coffee to enjoy while they wait for their car. You and the local business both win. You made the mom’s special day something to remember. And she is sure to remember your kindness next time she needs a carwash or pastry.

Get Creative

There is no limit to what you can achieve with a Free Mother’s Day Car Wash. Reach out to businesses in your network and put a nice package together for moms. If you decide to spend money on advertising, ask your partners to split the cost with you.

For more ideas visit Wolford Communications and let them put a Mother’s Day package together for you.