One way to stand out from the competition is to position yourself and your business as an expert in the field. One way to do this is to become a carwash teacher. There are several ways in which you can educate your customers. Let’s go over a few ways to educate your customers and build loyalty into your brand.

learn-2105410_1920Carwash Teacher 101 Educational Videos

YouTube is a wonderful platform that can help you get your message out. Start by creating a carwash educational service and the sharing that information with your clients. For example, maybe you live in an area where removing salt from your car is crucial. Educate people on the best practices in salt removal. The more detail you provide, the better. Some people will take your information and DIY their own desalinization. However, most will not want to take the time. They will view you as an expert and hire you to do the job for them.

Host a Carwashing Workshop

Host a carwashing workshop at your carwash. Choose a specific topic to cover at each workshop. For example, hold a workshop that focuses on proper drying techniques. Show customers and potential clients the best way to dry their car. Teach them how to avoid streaks and water marks. Have a few products available for sale that will help them dry their car without scratching their paint job.

Again, some people will want to DIY, and others will see how painstakingly detailed proper cleaning and drying can be. They will simply visit your carwash to eliminate the need to spend their time ensuring the job is done right. You will be seen as an expert in your field.

Get the Word Out

After you make your video or decide to hold a monthly workshop you need to get the word out. A good place to start is with your social network. Send an e-mail out to your customers, or reach out to them on Facebook.

If you are hosting a workshop, combine the workshop with a charity event or even invite a local food truck or other businesses to get involved. Get your community involved and contact your local media outlets. Local TV stations and newspapers are always looking for community events to report.

For more tips on how you can market your carwash successfully, call Wolford Communications, your carwash marketing specialist.