Growing your customer base is vitally important to your business. It is inevitable that you will lose customers over time, so you need to keep more customers coming in. Marketing your car wash properly will ensure you are doing just that. One of the best ways to improve your marketing is to improve your car wash brand.

pexels-photo-209288Define your Carwash Brand

There are 3 areas car washes can be competitive with one another.

  1. Price
  2. Quality
  3. Speed

You must focus on one and only one of these areas based on what is important to your customer base. Use the 80/20 rule when determining which area to focus on. For example, take a look at the top 20% of your most profitable customers. What do they value about your business? Do they come to you because you are fast? Do they come to you because you are affordable? Or, do they come to you because you do the best job in town?

You can survey your customers with a wide variety of tool. If you have your customers’ e-mail addresses, you can send out a survey using Google Forms or Survey Monkey. Once you find the reason, customers come to you, start building your brand around that platform.

For example, If you own “Classic Car Care” and you discover your most profitable customers come to you because of your exceptional quality, build your brand on quality. Add a subtitle to your name “Classic Car Care: Premium Car Detailing since 1998.” While this name may drive people off looking for a quick wash or a bargain, it will draw in your most profitable customers.

Protecting your Carwash Brand

Once you have your brand established, protect it! How many stories have been in the news lately with airlines dragging people off planes? Regardless of who was right or wrong, their brands have been damaged. Make sure you have policies in place so that all your customers know how to deal with unhappy customers.

Also, set up a Google alert for your company and see what other people are saying about your carwash brand online. Claim your business on Google and Yelp. When someone leaves a negative review, be sure to respond with your side of the story. Reply to positive reviews as well with thanks and gratitude.

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