unknown-1We’ve talked about how the cold weather can sometimes encourage drivers to pay for a car wash when they aren’t willing to brave the chilling temps, but how often do the holidays seem to overtake everything else this time of year? Here’s our suggestions for how to stay relevant and remembered in the winter months, especially as the holidays approach and people get busier.

  1. Tout your gift potential. Offer coupon books as a quick and easy stocking stuffer for just about anyone from teachers to coaches and dads. Everyone likes to have their car washed and many car washes sell coupon books as annual fundraisers for youth programs.
  2. Find a worthy holiday charity. Now’s the perfect time to get in on everyone’s good holiday cheer. Offer to donate a proceed of every car washed in the month of December to your local food bank. Or put out boxes collecting gifts for children in need. Why not hold a cold weather wash and donate all proceeds for an entire week day? Whatever you do, use social media to your advantage when telling the world about it.
  3. Offer a quirky cold weather promotion. Say the temps dip below¬†50 degrees one day. Instead of worrying that less people will venture out for a wash, why not ensure the do? Start a Facebook promotion promising 50 percent off a wash when the temps dip below 50. But why stop there? Try 60 percent off below 40 degrees. Below freezing? Offer a free wash and see if that doesn’t inspire someone to stop by. (It’s safe, we promise!) We bet if you’re the place that sells coffee, customers will be happy to throw you a few extra dollars while they sip and warm up.