(Photo: Belmont Car Wash & Detailing)

(Photo: Belmont Car Wash & Detailing)

A car wash business in Belmont, Massachusetts, is almost done with slick renovations to celebrate its 50th anniversary, including the addition of a super soaker for children to spray passing cars. Belmont Car Wash & Detail has been a staple of the town’s Waverly Square, and the renovations are part of its “beautification,” according to a news release.

Meanwhile, the Belmont car wash has set the dates for its semi-centennial bash: June 21 through July 4. That’s when they’re offering prices at what they were back in 1964 when the business opened.

“It is truly exciting to see all of the work coming together,” General Manager Adam Tocci says. “Seeing results and receiving acknowledgement from our customers is fantastic. We are thrilled with the updates and are looking forward to celebrating the renovation with our community next month.”

According to the news release, posted on the International Carwash Association website:

Four new “turn around” brushes, a front to back mitter, two small brushes for the bottom portion of the car, a tire brush as well as a notable “wheel blaster,” which is a high pressure water hose that reaches the wheels on both sides, have all been added to the tunnel for perfect washing performance. New vacuums are soon to be installed and available for customers.

And we’ve already written about the other renovations, which include the super soaker, a 60-inch television, and free wifi.