A car wash chain in Brookline, Massachusetts has become a fixture in the 50 years it’s been in town. ScrubaDub opened after a traveling salesman returned home from a trip to the west coast. It was there that Marshall Paisner first saw an automatic car wash and thought it might make for a solid start-up locally.

Wicked Local reports that since the 1960s, the family has grown the business to 18 different locations. Paisner credits the success of the chain with his focus on improving the reputation of car washes back in the day. The car wash Paisner saw on the west coast was clean and the staff was friendly. that was a far cry from others he had seen where employees smoked and the car didn’t always come out squeaky clean.

“At ScrubaDub we have a family-first culture and we treat our employees like they are part of the ScrubaDub family,” said Dan Paisner president of Scrubadub ad the son of its founder.

The company is now owned and operated by Marshall Paisner’s son, Dan Paisner, who has continued the tradition. Employees at the first ScrubaDub wore uniforms and worked out of a modern, state-of-the-art building. Dan Paisner used to do his homework at the office as a kid. Later, as a teen, he helped wash rags. Now he and his brother operate the franchises, keeping true to their father’s vision.

The company has plans to add another location in the coming year. They’re expected to break ground in the spring of 2017.