According to Car Wash Magazine, “Today’s consumers are using technology to research and connect with businesses. They are also seeking out businesses that put a premium on providing a positive customer experience” (Curry 56). Since customers are using technology to research and connect with businesses, it is increasingly important to focus on providing a positive customer experience. Negative reviews on the internet can really hurt business. That is why car washes should try to address concerns before they can write a negative review. Bad reviews are going to happen and consumers know this, but you will have to ensure that the number of bad reviews remains low. To stay proactive you will need to Measure Customer Satisfaction. We will talk about how to Measure Customer Satisfaction, Understand the impact of customer satisfaction on profit, and how to manage customer Dissatisfaction.

How to Measure Customer Satisfaction. In order to measure customer satisfaction it will help to design a survey for your customers. One good way to measure satisfaction is on a six-point scale. The scale ranges from “very dissatisfied” to “very satisfied”. Then it is important to take this qualitative data and make it quantifiable. This can be done by equating “very dissatisfied” to 0 and “very satisfied” to 100. Because it is a six-point scale, it increases by increments of 20. See the example chart below:

Using this chart for a customer survey can give you the insight necessary to begin measuring satisfaction. While this basic information is useful, it is not enough to make any real decisions, or to see how this effects your profitability. That is why it is important to collect a few more data sets. In addition to finding the CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index), you will need to find the amount of times they wash their car per week or whether they are monthly members or not. Your survey can look something like this:

Understanding the impact of Customer Satisfaction on Profit. Now that you know what you need to know about your customers you can turn the data into something that you can use. Since your interests are ultimately on profit, you will want to turn the amount of times they visit your car wash into dollars. Calculate your profit per visit. Or your average profit on monthly memberships. Now equate this to the customers based on their satisfaction. Now figure out the impact that satisfaction has on your profit. It is important to begin documenting this information to determine trends. Staying proactive when it comes to knowing your customers will help you notice negative trends before it hurts your business. You can see how the conversion of satisfaction can increase your profits. Find out what is causing the dissatisfaction and fix it. If a new employee is the cause, you will notice their effect on your profits. Customers are always willing to talk to you.

Managing Customer Dissatisfaction. It costs more to attract new customers than to keep your current customers. That is why it is important to focus on your dissatisfied customers just as much as your satisfied ones. It is also crucial to try to please them because as we mentioned before, they will take revenge on social media. It is important to be proactive. This means creating a social media platform of your own to address the issues that your customers might have. By resolving their problems publicly and quickly it will not only help you to retain your current customers, it will make your business more favorable for new customers. Having an online presence is increasingly important. Next post we will talk about it more.

It is increasingly important to survey your customers and engage them. By talking to your dissatisfied customers you can change them from your enemy to your friend. The web is one of the places to engage clients, but engaging them personally is always the best way. Spend a day at the car wash and get to know your customers. You won’t regret it.

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