Jeep crash

(Jeep Crash Screenshot/YouTube)

We’ve told you in the past about the Jeep Grand Cherokee’s dangerous tendency to accelerate suddenly. Because it can happen from a standstill, businesses such as the car wash have more than once been the site of a major mishap where the vehicle drives through buildings and machinery. The problem of Jeep crashes is well documented, but now you can add another type of vehicle to the list.

The Mercury Grand Marquis has a similar problem, which has flared at local car washes as drivers proceed cautiously down automatic tunnels. reports that the most recent incident took place in Mansfield, Ohio last week when a car crashed through the car wash and across the street, into another building.

 Police were investigating whether a stuck gas pedal caused a car to break through a car wash garage door, cross four lanes of traffic on Park Avenue West and hit a church building Wednesday morning…The employee told police that when he got into the vehicle to move it forward, the accelerator pedal stuck and he couldn’t stop the car.

This is actually the second time a vehicle has crashed through the Park Avenue car wash in Mansfield, Ohio and struck another building. Back in 2007 a car wash employee was driving another vehicle when the gas pedal stuck in the floorboard and he careened across the street. Consumer Affairs reports the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) database contains numerous incidents for Grand Marquis models from the 2006 through 2010 model years.