misterArizona-based car wash giant, Mister Car Wash, is fast approaching a major milestone. The company recently acquired two more car wash locations in its hometown of Tucson, bringing the total number of locations nationwide to 191, just nine shy of the big 200. The company announced its latest acquisition in a press release on its website last week.

“It’s been amazing to watch Mister grow over the past 16 years that I’ve been with the company, especially when it comes to the growth in our home market,” said Bruce Schumacher, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives for Mister Car Wash. “We have a strong customer base here in Tucson and we’re pleased to offer them greater convenience, more locations, and our signature Mister Car Wash service.”

Just days before, Mister Car Wash announced the company had bought up another location in Brandon, Florida. Bay Breeze Car Wash in located in a suburb outside of Tampa, and the company said the addition would enhance its presence in that metro area. As of that time, the company had 189 locations across 20 states.

Earlier in August, Mister Car Wash purchased six locations in Texas when it bought a chain of Car Wash Barns. The purchase further expanded Mister Car Wash’s presence in Texas by adding location to five Texas cities. Now, there are 60 Mister Car Wash locations in the state.

Mister Car Wash is known for its acquisitions and states on its website that they look to continue the progress of well established car washes. Such was the case in Texas, where the family owner of Car Wash Barns said in a press release the move had been the right one for his company.

“When we first talked to the Mister Car Wash team, we knew the business we had built would be in great hands and they would be respectful of our legacy,” said Curtis Emmons. “We started the car wash as a family, the Mister Car Wash team operates their business in a similar fashion and every team member has a place within the organization.”