misterBased in Tuscon, Arizona, the Mister Car Wash chain has been growing steadily over the years and very quickly over recent months. The company’s latest acquisition was announced this week with the purchase of a chain in Bakersville, California. The purchase is the company’s first foray into The Golden State.

Yahoo! Financial reports that the purchase of Cruz Thru Car Wash will add 10 new locations to the Mister Car Wash brand. The owners of that chain said it was difficult to sell after 15 years in business, but that they are confident their locations will continue to thrive under the new management.

“We’ve been honored to serve the Bakersfield community for the last 15 years and it wasn’t an easy decision to sell. We wanted a company that matched the culture we’ve built,” said Cruz Thru Car Wash owner Raymond Roselle.

Mister Car Wash executives echoed that sentiment, saying they look for companies and chains that are already following many of the tenants of their own business to make for a smooth transition. President and CEO John Lai said Mister Car Wash found Cruz Thru Car Wash to be focused on customer service and said both shared a “people-first culture.”

The acquisition brings Mister Car Wash’s total reach to 222 locations across 21 states. That doesn’t even include the 34 express lubes the company also owns. For more on the brand, visit the company’s website.