misterMister Car Wash is one of the fastest growing car wash chains in the country. This month, they added one more wash to their arsenal. It’s a standalone car wash location in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

What’s unusual about this deal, the details of which were not disclosed to MiBiz.com, is that the chain is known for larger acquisitions. In fact just earlier this year, Mister Car Wash bought a car wash chain in Michigan, but for a group of six washes.

That deal went through in February when the Tuscon-based company announced they had acquired Southland Auto Wash’s six locations. At that time, Mister Car Wash operated 212 locations in 20 states. Two months later, that number has already increased.

“With this acquisition we are gaining strong talent and a solid platform for growth in the Grand Rapids area,” Joe Matheny, vice president of operations for Mister Car Wash, said in a statement.

Waterworks Car Wash LLC was the latest to sell to Mister Car Wash. They now operate 223 car washes in 21 states. Matheny said that he plans to have the six locations purchased in Michigan earlier this year, fully operational as Mister Car Wash locations by mid July.

For more on this fast-moving company , visit their website. http://mistercarwash.com