Mister Car Was locations span 19 states. www.mistercarwash.com

One of the largest car wash chains in the nation just got even bigger. Mister Car Wash has now expanded into the Centennial State. The chain’s newest location is the result of an acquisition in  Aurora, Colorado. That’s where the company recently purchased Auto Spa Express.

“We’re excited to join forces with the team from Auto Spa Express to begin serving customers in the Denver market at this prime location,” John Lai, President and CEO of Mister Car Wash, said in a press release.

The move brings the company’s total number of locations to 160 across 19 states. They also operate 34 express lubes. This new location is expected to bring in some of the most traffic out of any of the Mister Car Wash locations already in operation.

“During its ten years in business at this location, Auto Spa has kept pace well with increasing demand from the growing Denver market. Being situated inside the largest outdoor mall in the United States will give us an awesome opportunity to introduce the Mister Car Wash experience to Denver customers,” Lai said.