When Carwash.com released its 2016 Top 50 list of conveyor car washes in the U.S., Mister Car Wash had 174 locations — 100 more than the next wash on the list. Since then the company has grown to 236 car washes, including their newest location in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

This newest addition to the Mister Car Wash family is Standale Auto Wash on Lake Michigan Drive, now one of 12 Mister Car Wash locations in the Grand Rapids area. Division manager Tim Vaughn considers the store a “nice complement” to the other locations in the area, and says they are “glad to welcome the Standale team to the Mister Car Wash family.”

With three other additions this year in the Grand Rapids area alone, Mister Car Wash is expanding its name rapidly in markets all around the country. Based in Tucson, Arizona, the name was created in 1969 with the first Mister Car Wash store in Houston, Texas and was later founded as a firm in 1996, developing quickly and continuing to grow to this day. After opening headquarters in downtown Tucson, the chain has remained the largest car wash chain in the United States since 2014, reaching 200 stores in 2016.

As stated on the Mister Car Wash website, this kind of growth is equivalent to adding the net average of one store every other week.

So how exactly did a small car wash in Houston make this kind of name for itself? Throughout their expansion and multiple acquisitions, Mister Car Wash has maintained a dedication to quality service, with three equipment and system upgrades since 2004. Punctuating these upgrades are marketing campaigns designed to give customers a feeling of exclusivity with a membership in their program and convenience in their car maintenance routines. With record-setting growth and far more locations than the next competitor, it’s easy to see why you should take a page out of their marketing playbook.