Mister Car Wash’s Unlimited Wash Club, a membership program that offers unlimited car washes for a monthly fee, has helped to build the business’s brand loyalty across its 134 locations nationwide, the company’s top marketing executive said.

Director of Marketing, Chris Northey, spoke with Loyalty360.com about the national chain’s strategies for increasing its memberships and customer loyalty.

The car wash company is also planning to introduce “Fast Pass” dedicated lanes for Unlimited Wash Club members. Through the use of technology, Northey said transaction process times were reduced to under two seconds when tested.

Mister Car Wash is also employing data analytics to identify new offers to market to customers. As Northey explained:

Data analytics are the new normal in retail marketing and we are ramping up or efforts to bring attractive and relevant offers to all Mister Car Wash customers. We have recently introduced a marketing automation program, which is both data- and customer-centric. From a marketing standpoint, we are focusing our outbound efforts on both customer- and member-centric programs.