A new mobile car washing service in Boca Raton, Florida is capitalizing on the ease and luxury locals are likely looking for when they seek out a company that will do the dirty work for them. Enter Washé, a company whose name even feel ritzy. Boca Life Magazine recently featured the business and gave the service two thumbs up. 

Customers at begin by downloading the company’s app and creating a profile. Then they can select and request a service from the menu. The packages range from $20 to $120 and have names like silver, gold, platinum and diamond. At the cheaper end of the spectrum, the package includes an exterior hand wash for the vehicle. At the more expensive end, customers can expect a full interior clean as well complete with shampooing of carpets. They’ll also get a wax out of the deal.

When Boca Life Magazine reviewed the service, they went for the Platinum package which included a hand wash and wax for the exterior, cleaning of wheels and tires and an interior vacuuming and wipe-down. That package goes for $60. The writer had the company show while he was at work and had him unlock the car door from his office window.

I forgot about the whole thing until I saw my car sparkling in the parking lot that evening. I inspected it from every angle—spotless. And the interior was just as impeccable. My washers even gave me a strawberry-scented air freshener. I reopened the app, and it gave me the option to send a well-deserved tip.

If you want to give the company a try, Boca Life Magazine is offering a code for a free silver package wash. Check it out.