spiffyHere’s an interesting business opportunity a mobile car wash found in Durham, North Carolina. The News & Observer reports that Spiffy car wash has teamed up with the developers of a community there called Ponce City to offer car washes to tenants of the mixed-use development as well as customers to the retail businesses within the complex. Ponce City Market is a massive complex with businesses as well, totally 2.1 million square feet.

Spiffy typically operates its mobile business by allowing customers to schedule car washes on their phones through a mobile app. The company then sends one of its 25 vans to the customer’s location to complete the job. The Spiffy location at Ponce City Market will be more of a stable, brick and mortar location even though the customers will still use their phones to set up a time.

“We’re excited the real estate community is finding us,” said Karl Murphy, Spiffy’s co-founder and president of Spiffy.

In the meantime, the company is speeding up its plans to expand into the Atlanta market. They’re hoping to be up and running in two or three quarters. PR Newswire reports that the developers chose Spiffy to  provide the service among other similar businesses.

“We searched the Southeast for a partner that could provide a premium car wash and detailing amenity to our tenants and discovered Spiffy. We were impressed by Spiffy’s professionalism, but what sold us is the innovative technology and commitment to the environment that is very aligned with what we have built at Ponce City Market,” said Matt Bronfman, CEO of Jamestown.