SpiffyQC_0379-1Owners of the mobile car wash company known as Spiffy said they have about 20 to 30 markets picked out that they plan to expand to in the coming years. The company plans to announce the first of those markets this summer, according to NewsObserver.com. From there, the start-up that drew its inspiration from ride-share companies such as Uber, will go down the list.

Founded in 2014, the owners of Spiffy used to have two brick-and-mortar car washes that they opened in 2003. That’s what Scott Wingo told PYMNTS.com in a Q&A about his company. But then Wingo tried Uber for the first time in 2011 and realized the potential for companies like his to use mobile apps to their advantage.

By 2014, they were opening what is now Spiffy. The mobile car wash company allows customers to book services through a smartphone app. Then they can sit in the comfort of their home or office while a Spiffy employee drives to them in one of their signature blue vans and performs the requested service right there on the spot.

Spiffy’s services range from an exterior car wash for as little as $19 to a comprehensive interior and exterior package starting at $249. The company currently has 55 employees with around 20 based out of its Durham headquarters on South Miami Boulevard.

Now the company is working out of a handful of cities including Charlotte and Atlanta. They moved out to Los Angeles most recently. Their major growth began in 2015, a year after their first vans began operating and they saw the potential to do more.