bmwwashA start-up mobile car wash business in Los Angeles, California is looking to expand its company into the San Diego region soon. Washos announced the idea in a press release this month, according to The Southern California company knew that in order to expand nationally though, they would need to improve their existing business model.

So first, they came up with a new routing algorithm to make sure they were servicing their current customers in the most efficient way possible. The old model made it so a car washer got to a customer within three hours. The new scheduling program has reduced that by a third, down to under an hour.

The improvement means employees will be able to do more jobs in a day, while trekking around Los Angeles’ busy freeways and sprawling suburbs. The company estimates individual workers will be able to wash as many as eight a day. The app will also allow customers to see who is working where and when they’re available for the next job, similar to the Uber app.

“Our automated dispatch system allows us to kill multiple birds with one stone,” said Benjamin Guez, co-founder and vice president of engineering for Washos. “Our customer experience is 10 [times] better since we give a real-time transparency regarding our availabilities. Dispatching and routing was previously operated by a person who reached what was humanly possible. Now, thanks to our new automatic computing, from 100 to 1,000 bookings a day, we won’t feel the difference and neither will our customers.”