Geoffrey Greene washes a vehicle with his system. | Brattleboro Reformer

A small business owner in Wilmington, Vermont wants to make his pop-up mobile car wash more of a permanent fixture. Rather than a regular brick-and-mortar shop, he wants to have a designated place to wash cars so that customers can come to him if they want. The Brattleboro Reformer reports that permitting is still in the works for the mobile car wash, which operates out of a van.

The owner, Geoffrey Greene, said he got the idea when he recently bought a new car and was looking to have it washed. His concern for the environment led him to the concept of mobile car washes, which are usually waterless. Intrigued, he decided to go into business himself.

The car wash service Greene now runs is, well, green. He has vehicles drive over a mat which collects run off and then fills empty tanks. He then reuses the water, leaving no footprint he said.

“Think of a big tarp, basically a heavy duty tarp. The sides blow up so you have about 4 or 5 inch sides. So, think of a big rectangular kiddie pool. The cars drive right over this,” Greene said. “Since it’s pressure wash, it’s not the same amount of water you’re using in your driveway or God forbid, a real car wash. You can recycle the water.”

If approved, Greene said having a permanent parking lot in which to operate his business will help him bring in more customers. Currently, he visits other businesses and individuals to offer his services.