620x349Mobile car washes seem to be all the rage these days with the emphasis on environmentally friendly products and the water usage restrictions in many parts of the world affected by droughts. But not all mobile car washes are created equal. We learned of one recently in Cape Town, South Africa that dispatches its employees by bike to reach their customers. BusinessReport featured the owner of that new business in an article this month.

Zahier Davids from Kensington is the owner of Flywheel Custom Chariots. He began the company after water restrictions went in place in his town. When he began, he advertised on social media and reached out directly to his friends through WhatsApp, the messenger app. Soon though, his weekends were booked with jobs and he had three employees helping him make each one.

Now the company is flourishing. Flywheel Custom Chariots uses eco-friendly products that are biodegradable but also protect the paint on your vehicle from harsh UV rays for an entire week. He finishes the job with micro-fiber towels that don’t leave any streaks behind.

“We now have regular customers and as a value add-on, we send out regular reminders and keep them updated on how much water they save. Some customers have saved up to 5000 litres of water since they’ve started using our service. To date, we’ve managed to save an estimated 150000 litres of water. With only one other company that provides the same service, we are well on our way and already command a 30% share of the market,” Davids said.