In California, a car wash regulation implemented in 2014 required that all commercial car washed must re-use 60% of their water. This law was put into place to help the state as a whole reach its water usage goals.

In lieu of these regulations, a whole new sub-industry within the car wash industry has emerged. Mobile, on demand carwashes, are stepping up to fill the eco-friendly role that carwashes are now required to play.

Here is how they do it.

garage-1837343_1920Reduced Water Use

People washing their cars at home use more than 100 gallons of water with just a 10-minute car wash. The city of LA has banned washing cars with hoses unless they have an automatic shutoff nozzle.

Commercial car washes are much more eco-friendly. The average commercial car wash uses only about 30 gallons of water to wash a car as does so is a shorter period of time. Customers need only to wait a few minutes to have their car washed.

However, with new mobile companies, customers do not need to wait at all. Since its beginning in 2015, WashOS has found ways to reduce water consumption by 95%. WashOS boasts using only 1 gallon of water per wash. This is largely thanks to their eco-friendly solutions and state of the art microfibers.

Eliminating Water All Together

Other waterless solutions have reduced the water needed to wash a car to zero. This is good news for the drought-stricken California. These eco-friendly products are simply sprayed on and wiped off.

Other companies are creating biodegradable cleaning products that are all natural and even healthy for the environment. They do all this while using no water during a wash.

Keep It Klean out of Los Angeles makes house calls to clients. They use this waterless biodegradable, eco-friendly technique to keep their client’s cars looking good. They use a waterless, eco-friendly citrus based cleaner. This combined with their waterless technique reduces their carwash environmental footprint to almost zero.

The Trend is Catching On

Other mobile carwashes in the Los Angeles area are catching on as well. Companies such as Squeegy and Earth Car Wash are also doing their part to help California stay within its water budget.