Photo courtesy of Stewart’s Eco Auto Detail.

Mobile detailing and car wash services aren’t new. We’ve written about a handful of companies that have learned how to capitalize on the ease and affordability of delivering services to busy clients. They’ve made their businesses easy to find and interact with through smartphone apps, opening a new world for car wash entrepreneurs looking to expand their current offerings or dive into the industry for the first now.

Now it seems those ideas are spreading. In Ontario, Canada a mobile detailing company is looking to hire agents for mobile steam cleaning and detailing. reports that the company, which has a physical location in Ontario, is looking to train people who could later oversee their own employees.

K Detail Plus is billing their model as either an opportunity for agents of their company or for what amounts to franchising opportunities. They also sell their commercial-grade equipment including steamers to customers directly, mainly targeting those who oversee vehicle fleets and would need to clean regularly.

In Guam, a business owner who learned his way around cars in Seattle, Washington, has taken his expertise abroad. The Pacific Daily News reports that the company has both a brick-and-mortar location and the mobile facet, which enables them to compete for different clients. One of the ways they make their mobile detailing stand out is by touting its eco-friendly nature.

If your business meets the bill, marketing your company for its environmental qualities is a good way to draw in new customers and maintain their loyalty. For more ideas visit our blog post for car wash marketing ideas.