news-carwash01-cb-040517The owners of a new car wash in Jefferson County, Colorado offered new customers a handful of perks in their first week of business. Chad Roach and Aaron Voorhees opened Living Waters Car Wash last week after months of construction. The Columbine Courier reports that customers who showed up any time in the first week (which ended today) will receive their best car wash for free. That’s a value of $15.

During their grand opening week, they also offered their monthly membership packages at a discount. For just $5 a month, new customers could join the monthly program. Their first month was free. Not bad considering the average wash ranges in price from $7 to $15.

The car wash has a sleek, modern design that has been described as a type of airport conveyor belt. The effect, the article reads, is that of being in a museum of sorts. The owners said they took a lot of pride in designing something that was aesthetically pleasing and effective.

So this car wash doesn’t just look nice, it’s also designed to get you in and out in just two minutes. That’s a lost faster than most automatic washes or hand washes. After the automatic wash, customers receive complimentary access to vacuums and other products for interior cleaning.

And for just $10 you can also give your dog a bath while you’re there. The 10-minute wash comes with free, biodegradable shampoo.