Dog Bath

Jake Barta was just looking to make a buck helping dog owners keep their pets clean when he ended up buying a car wash. The Lewistown (Montana) News-Argus reports that Barta is now the owner of a six-bay car wash, which he operates along with his fiance. The pair plans to open the dog washing station alongside the car wash this month.

“My original idea was to open a dog wash. My real estate agent Sally Huber and I started looking for a place that would be right and I ended up owning the whole car wash,” Barta told the newspaper. “Dennis and Karen Seyfert had the business for sale and they were just so honest and up front, I ended up buying the property. It all happened really fast.”

It’s part of a rising trend in the industry as car wash business owners see the potential to diversify their offerings and pack more value into existing facilities. Installing a dog wash bay is one way. Convenience stores, laundromats, and oil changes are others.

Barta demonstrated the dog wash station for the News-Argus using his own dog Diesel, an American Bulldog.  Like a car wash bay, the dog station includes different settings to apply water and cleaning solutions. Unlike a car wash bay, those chemicals include shampoo, conditioner, and odor control.

Pet owners looking to keep their cars dry and their pets healthy in the colder months can also dry their pups off before heading home. “With the blow dry feature, you won’t have a wet dog running around your house,” Barta said.